I'm Nick, I live in Brisbane and I've been a Digital Marketer and web designer for two and a half years. I've worked with a multi-national company 
specialising in the production of apps and online platforms, and more recently an internationally recognised leisure brand in Brisbane. 

After completing a double degree in Psychology and Laws, I started working in marketing because of a strong interest in the psychology of selling. I love the freedom to be creative with design and marketing campaigns and mastering the ins and outs of consumer behaviour.


I've designed several websites and individual landing pages, set up countless campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and am highly experienced in SEO & SEM marketing, and have controlled mass SMS marketing campaigns, written various blog articles and assisted with physical marketing operations. Recently, I've branched out to work with local small businesses to teach owners about the amazingly powerful online tools available to them through the digital space.

In this era of technology and marketing, it's absolutely imperative for all businesses, regardless of size, 
to utilise online mediums to deploy marketing campaigns.


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